A SPORTS club in Atherton has announced they are offering a life-saving course with Automated External Defibrillator training (AED) next month.

Kickstarterz, a group that promotes an active lifestyle among young children through sports and fitness, revealed on Facebook that they would be running the classes for people in the community, teaching them how to use the equipment.

The news comes after a two defibrillators were set to be installed in Westhoughton after financial support from nearby businesses and residents, who, according to resident Richard Bates, have managed to raise over £3,000 towards the appliances.

Jonathan Sands, founder of Kickstarters in Atherton, believes the local community should know how to use the defibrillators as it could prove to be lifesaving.

“I have a passion for people living a healthy lifestyle. After I had heard about the funds raised by the community, I spoke to a friend of mine who is an accredited first trainer about putting on some classes,” he said.

“Seeing what the community did, I thought, if no-one knows how to use the defibrillators, there is no use in them being there.

“We don’t want them to be a foreign object that causes people to panic. We want to give people the option to gain real life skills and a qualification that could be beneficial for the community.”

Previously, Richard Bates, a Westhoughton resident, said: “I realise we desperately needed cover for the centre of Westhoughton. There are lots of defibrillators inside businesses and nurseries locally but when these places are closed, it leaves people in the area exposed.”

Jonathan, along with his team at Kickstarterz on Hamilton Street are hoping to change that, by opening the classes up to people for a discounted rate, after being given the go-ahead from their venue.

“We have just been told we can use a room in the Community Hub on Central Drive in Westhoughton,” he said.

“It’s all tied into what we already do for the community by providing information and sports classes.

“Eventually, we want to go into workplaces and schools because we think that it should be compulsory for people to be taught first aid and other lifesaving skills.”

More information about the upcoming classes and their prices are available by contacting Kickstarterz at kickstarterz.co.uk or by calling 07847 278836