SCHOOL summer holidays may mean freedom but they can also mean boredom.Thankfully, there were always plenty of youth clubs in Bolton to keep the town’s youngsters occupied.

You couldn’t get more 60s than these teens (left, top) at Rishton Lane Youth Club’s Spanish Bar in 1964. But due to noisy beat music and roaring motorbikes it eventually closed down after complaints from neighbours.

Jumping forward eight years (left, bottom left), from left, Billy Holiday,19, Rose Smith, 15, Dorothy Baldwin, 14, and Mary Owen, 15.

They were preparing for an It’s a Knock Out water-carrying contest.

More sedate (below) were these youngsters pictured at Westhoughton Youth Club in 1967. They are focussing intently in an art class run by Miss Beckett.

Busy (right, right) were members of St Peter’s Church Youth Fellowship, Halliwell, shown cleaning a double decker bus in 1976.

Collectively, the group’s 80 members, aged 13 to 29, raised £800 to but the bus.They intended to use it to transport members on outings such as ice-skating and beach picnics.

Fellowship member, Bill Slater, said: “There has been a considerable amount of work done by people in the parish as well as the fellowship members. Everybody is excited about the bus.

Going way back to 1945 (right, top left) were these smart young ladies avidly enjoying a game of draughts.They belonged to Bolton Youth Centre, which was then based at Clarendon Street.

There were greasers and Beatle fans aplenty to be found in Edgworth in 1965. Just look at the attitude of the lad slumped against the window in the centre.They were some of the teens from Turton and Edgworth who gathered in Barlow memorial Institute in an effort to form a youth club. Let's just hope their beat music wasn't too loud!