BOXER Joe Bugner was one of those 70s sporting icons, along with the likes of Kevin Keegan and Big Daddy, who always seemed to be in the media spotlight.

Judging by his sideburns you probably don't even need telling this photograph was taken in 1973.

It shows Mark Ryan, then aged 16, presenting a goodwill message from Bolton's Mayor to European champion Bugner.

The meeting was at the Jubilee Club Week 1973 - a fundraising campaign organised by the National Association of Boys' Clubs.

Mark, of Haydn Street, was the captain of Bolton Lads' Club. He was one of a group of club members who attended the meeting in the Royal Festival Hall, London.

It would be interesting to know what happened to Mark and what he's doing today, so if you are reading this, Mark, and have memories to share, please do get in touch.