A DAD who lives in Bolton but hails from Dundee is so proud of his Scottish roots that he named his baby girl after the river that runs through his home town.

Now little River Tay has been baptised in the river after which she was named.

River Tay Jackson, aged seven months, was dipped into the waters by proud dad Anthony.

Anthony, 26, persuaded girlfriend Rebecca Larkin, 21, to indulge his passion for the city, even though they live 300 miles away in Bolton.

River Tay and her twin brother Tony travelled north with their family for the ceremony on the riverbank at Broughty Castle.

Despite being twins they have different birthdays, after entering the world either side of midnight on 14 and 15 January.

Dad Anthony was born in Dundee and despite moving south when he was just six, he remains intensely proud of his roots.

“Anthony was born at Ninewells and he’s clearly proud of his Scottish roots and the fact he’s from Dundee,” said his mum Caroline Wallace.

“Now I’ll have a wee bit of Dundee with me all the time. When Anthony told me he was going to name her River Tay I was on the verge of tears. I couldn’t believe it. I’m a very proud Dundonian – Dundee runs through me.”

River Tay and twin brother Tony – who was decked out in a kilt in honour of his Scottish heritage – were gently dipped in up to their knees.

Caroline said: “River Tay was OK at first until the first wee wave. As soon as her toes were in the water she was cold – and when the first wave hit her she made a bit of noise.

“Her dad was in his shorts and got wet to the top of his legs so I felt for him.

“But it was worth it to say she had been in the Tay and we took some photos with the castle in the background.

“Tony was dressed in his kilt and River Tay looked so pretty in her dress.

“They haven’t been baptised properly or anything like that – this was just for us.

“We had always said after she was born that we would come up here and bring her to the river so we could tell her it was hers.”

Both babies are doing just fine after their dip in the Tay – although they have started “teething like mad”.

River Tay and Tony were welcomed into the world in the early hours bridging January 14 and 15 at Bolton Royal Infirmary in Greater Manchester.

The name River Tay was praised by scores of locals after Caroline shared a photo on social media of her holding her new grandchildren.

And while a couple of cheeky commenters made light of it – with one joking they would name their next child Dens Road Market – there are no regrets from the family.

The decision to name his daughter after the Tay was taken by dad Anthony.

He grew up in Dundee for a short spell before moving south with mum Caroline about 20 years ago. She said she was on the verge of tears when she was told the intended name.

Caroline, 46, is originally from Fintry and has been catching up with family who still live there on the trip back home.