All credit to Paris Hayes in his efforts to bring people together to fight climate change.

As both Labour's Lisa Nandy MP and Conservative Council Leader, David Greenhalgh righly point out Paris is a real credit to our town.

He is ensuring that the issue of climate change is firmly on the agenda locally.

Regardless of whether people voted leave or remain in the EU referendum and whatever people may feel about Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn, this is an issue which affects us all.

There are no easy answers but there is a great deal that can be done collectively to tackle the issue.

Councils and other employers can switch from using diesel vehicles, they can avoid investment in fossil fuels and they can help to promote the use of alternative sources of energy.

Bolton Council should help to lead the way. It has been estimated that over 40% of local councils have already declared a climate emergency.

A petition calling for Bolton Council to call a climate emergency can be found at:

I urge readers to sign and get behind it.

Joan Pritchard-Jones