Bolton Council should rethink its plans for the axing of it’s Meals on Wheels Service.

The fact it is the only authority in Greater Manchester, and part of 13 per cent in the North West that currently provide this service, surely is something Bolton Council should be proud of, and seen as a flagship council.

It really needs to live up to its motto of “Looking after the Bolton Family”.

The Meals on Wheels service is a vital service, a lifeline to those that receive themin more ways than one.

Not only does it provide a first class hot meal for the elderly that receive them.

The staff that deliver the meals maybe the only person that service users see all day, the meal and seeing the person who has delivered their meal could be a life saver.

Pensioners have been hit three times in the past weeks, with plans for the scrapping of the free TV licence for over 75s, and the £10 annual charge for pensioners in order for them to continue using trains, and trams in Greater Manchester, which is currently free when producing the pensioner concessionary travel pass.

It is believed under a private meals deliveryservice, the cost would increase by a third, leaving many unable to afford the meals. It must be remembered the UK state pension is amongst the lowest in Europe.

So come on Bolton Council do the right thing and keep the existing meals service, don’t attack the most vulnerable in our proud town.

Alan Johnson,

Bolton & District Pensioners Association