ALTHOUGH some have compared him to Banksy, the urban artist behind some of Bolton’s most striking pub designs found his inspiration on Youtube.

The 32-year-old, who goes by the name of Kazer, has sprayed murals on The Sweet Green Tavern, The Greyhound and The Griffin.

A joiner by trade, he first got into graffiti-style work after watching a series of Youtube videos.

Kazer said: “I started around three years ago, I basically just watched videos, ordered some cans and went from there.

“Art was always my favourite subject at school and I’ve always been creative. It was an easy transition from joinery to art.

“I want to get more into this but until you make a name for yourself, it’s difficult to make a full time living from it.”

Anyone who has walked through Bolton town centre in the past year will have surely seen the eye-catching murals at Sweet Green Tavern, with The Greyhound and Griffin designs coming more recently.

He added: “The Sweet Green started it all. We did the beer garden first and then we got the idea of the train. Everyone’s been positive about it.

“I did a piece for Mytham Primary School for their 50th anniversary as well.

“I’ve done a few bits in Manchester at The New Union hotel in Canal Street.

Kazer, who lives in Walkden, has also completed a few designs in Manchester.

While Banksy is arguably the most well-known street artist in the country, he is not Kazer’s favourite.

“When people see my work, Banksy is always the reference that people give,” he said. “But he’s a totally different style and he’s political.

“There’s a guy I like called Insane51 who does 3D pieces, where if you look through the blue of the glasses you’ll see one picture and if you look through the red you’ll see another. He’s amazing.”

To see more of Kazer’s work, visit or follow KazerOfficial on Instagram.