A HERD of escaped bulls is on the loose causing chaos in a quiet residential street ­— with neighbours at a loss on how to 'moo-ve' them.

The herd was spotted charging down Grindsbrook Road in Radcliffe about 30 minutes ago much to the surprise ­— and shock ­— of motorists and residents.

Residents and motorists who stopped have managed to herd the cattle into a garden ­— but say are struggling to make contact with the farmer.

The Bolton News:


The RSPCA and the police were contacted with officers turning up a short time later.

Phil Taylor, who took the photographs, said: "I was driving and saw the bulls galloping down the road.

"Traffic came to a standstill.

"The bulls are now in garden with the gate shut.

"They are trying to contact the farmer but he is not in."

The Bolton News:


At first it was thought the house was empty but an elderly lady lives in the house and is unable to come out while the bulls are in the garden.

Karl Slater added: "I was parked up and saw them marching down the road, helping themselves to people's flowers and shrubs.

"There is eight of them and are now penned in.

Neighbours say they have been told because the herd is not injured the RSPCA won't attend, but were fearful of letting them out of the garden because of the damage they could do and injuries they could sustain.

Shortly afterwards the police turned up