MORE than a thousand people turned out for the third edition of a popular gin festival.

The Gin Society’s annual event was again held at the Albert Halls across two days, with as many as 120 different styles and flavours on offer.

Attendees travelled around a variety of stalls taste-testing the alcoholic delights, which range from local produce to drinks distilled around the world.

The festival was so popular that organisers Kendra Kennedy and Isabel Mourato have already booked the venue for next year.

“We’ve had a great turnout and the people in Bolton are really friendly,” Ms Kennedy said.

“They like their gins, they know them and they are great to talk to.”

Gin is a popular drink at the minute with bars across the country stocking the latest exotic versions and Ms Kennedy thinks the future is bright.

“We have been going for three years now and its not a fluke,” she added. “The flavours have changed so much it’s gone from being the thing at the back of the pub that nobody wants and turned into something that a lot of people love.”

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