A CAMPAIGN to scrap a 'mean spirited' regulation which deprives families of up £277 a month while their child is in hospital has been backed by a Bolton MP .

Sir David Crausby wants the government to change the rules for or Universal Credit.

Currently the child element is removed from family benefits payments if children who are in hospital for six months or more.

This can be worth up to £277 a month.

Bolton North-East Labour backbencher Sir David is one of 30 MPs of all parties to sign a House of Commons motion calling for the reform of Universal Credit rules.

He said: “We can all empathise with the parents who have to go through the stress of seeing their son or daughter stuck in hospital for months at a time

"It’s something that nobody would ever want to go through, and exactly the kind of situation that our social security system should help people to get through.

"Clawing money back from the families of children in hospital is mean spirited and unnecessary and I hope ministers will show a little compassion and change this rule.

"Parents often incur additional transport and parking costs to care for their children, and many parents whose children endure a long stay in hospital have to give up work.

"The withdrawal of Universal Credit payments places added financial strain onto families at this most stressful time."