Re the new Lidl distribution centre at Cutacre, which has recently been granted planning permission by Bolton Council.

While the Council must be rubbing its hands together with glee at the prospect of all the extra revenue each new site brings in, spare a thought for the residents of the A6 & Over Hulton.

It’s true that the site is situated right next to J4 of the M61 and the majority of goods vehicles use it. But hundreds of others don’t. They trundle along the A6 in both directions and down Newbrook Road, spewing out their toxic fumes & shaking our foundations as they go, at all hours of the day & night.

Despite having a regular bus serving Cutacre, they come and go with few passengers aboard, employees obviously preferring their own transport. The surrounding roads are severely congested at rush hour so it will be a good deal worse with 500 extra jobs up for grabs.

Another issue is the state of the public roads surrounding the site. Over Hulton volunteer litter pickers clean in this area on a regular basis but on the roads immediately next to the islands, there is a build-up of grit and other debris. In some places, it is 5cm. deep. I have contacted the Council over time about this and they respond by sending out a road sweeping vehicle. This won’t cut it I’m afraid. It needs some good old fashioned shovelling.

Cutacre is supposed to be the Councils flagship site, surely they could spend some of the huge revenue on the surrounding area.

Dorothy Syddall

Over Hulton.