A HOMEMADE library that was stolen from outside a home has been returned damaged.

Rachael Seddon and her four-year-old son Otis set up the book borrowing facility inside a set of plastic drawers on the drive of their home in Duxbury Avenue, Little Lever, back in June.

It quickly became popular with neighbours, many of whom started donating books of their own.

But, on Friday afternoon, Ms Seddon returned home to discover all of the books had been stolen, as well as the drawers and a sign.

When Ms Seddon informed Otis of what had happened, she said he was “really upset”.

However, the drawers were returned to the home yesterday ­— albeit in a less than satisfactory state.

Mrs Seddon said: “A man said he drove past and thought it was for the tip so put it in the back of his car.

“He brought it back but the books were missing and it was worse for wear.

“He said they had been damaged in a storm.”

Mrs Seddon, aged 30, set up the library so that Otis, an avid reader, could share books with others living nearby.

Undeterred, Mrs Seddon has promised to start over again and create another library. A neighbour has already promised to make a lock and chain to help protect any replacement.

Meanwhile, she has also promised to create a bigger sign to make clear the purpose of what they are trying to do.

She says the response from members of the public has been “supportive”, with a number of people having offered to donate books for a replacement library.

“Everyone has been great,” said Mrs Seddon.

“People have been messaging me and offering to bring books.”