A CAR filled with weapons was found by police after being abandoned in the early hours of this morning.

Traffic police were on the hunt after seeing a suspicious vehicle in Manchester Road in Kearsley at 1am this morning when officers made the shocking discovery.

The driver and passengers left from the scene and as police investigated, it was found to be filled with four knives and a mallet.

The car was also found to be carrying false plates. Police say they may have prevented a serious crime with their searches.

Greater Manchester Traffic tweeted: "RPU patrols sighted a suspicious vehicle on Manchester Rd, Kearsley at 1am.

"Vehicle abandoned and found to be on false plates.

"Hopefully we've prevented a serious offence from occurring with what was found inside."

One officer that attended the incident jokingly added on Twitter: "They ran off like Olympic sprinters and I'm definitely not one of those."