TRAFFIC is building as a main road is flooded with a thick substance.

A wagon spilled its load at the major junction of Crompton Way and Tonge Moor Road.

The mud-like liquid was covering the road this morning as drivers were on the way to work.

The police were called by worried commuters and are now at the scene, along with Bolton Council and the Highways Agency, carrying out a clean up of the ooze, but traffic is still heavy in the area.

The police say the goo is magnesium-based compound that is non-hazardous and can be safely washed away.

Greater Manchester Police have asked for patience as they deal with the incident.

GMP Bolton North tweeted: "We have had a number of calls this morning regarding wagon that has spilled its load on Tonge Moor Rd.

"Luckily its a magnesium based substance that can be safely washed away.

"We are currently on scene and clean-up is under way.

"There may be a slight build up of traffic while this happens. Please bear with us."