AN innovative fitness centre where people exercise while attached to a bungee rope could open in the town centre.

'Bungee fitness' started life in Thailand but has gained popularity in the UK in recent years.

In the classes, people are attached to a bungee rope by a state-of-the-art harness. The bungee adds resistance and allows temporary suspension in the air.

Linda Brennan has been doing bungee fitness since September last year and is now hoping to open her open centre called Studio L.

She has submitted a change of use application for a unit in the former Cash Generator store in Bradshawgate.

For people unfamiliar with the unique exercise style, Ms Brennan explained the appeal.

She said: "It's fitness for any age and doesn't put pressure on any joints.

"If you can't do a handstand or a press up, put yourself on a bungee and you'll be able to do it with some practise."

"You're never too old either. I'm 60 in a couple of weeks and I fell in love with it as soon as I started doing it.

"I'm going on a bungee fit instructor course at the end of this month as well to make myself as qualified as possible."

Cash Generator closed in 2016 and last December, permission was granted to split the building into three units.

Studio L is set to move into the middle unit and after some problems, Ms Brennan is relieved to find somewhere suitable.

"Finding a property was the hardest part," she added. "But I've found a place with a nice high ceiling in Bolton.

"It's just a waiting game now. They've told me I will hear back on the change of use by October.

"It should be okay because they're not changing any of the internal structure."

The centre is set to be open between 10am and 8.30pm every day. Along with a range of bungee classes, there will be pole fitness classes.

Ms Brennan added a creche would be open between 10am and 2pm for people who want to bring their children while they exercise.