HOW can many members of parliament continue to call themselves the honourable members wherever they allegedly represent voters who voted leave in the referendum, who were the majority.

These so called honourable members should now be called the dishonourable members, simply because they can not honour the democratic result of the referendum.

I voted leave and on my voting paper were two questions: First, do you wish to remain in the EU; second, do you want to leave the EU.

The leave voters won by a majority of 1,269,501 votes.

Nowhere on the voting paper did it mention a deal.

On the run up to the vote it was made clear that there would be a two years negotiation timetable if the result was leave which, as we are all aware, was the result.

If no agreement was reached we would leave the EU without a agreement.

Three years down the line there is still no agreement thanks to the dishonourable MPs who now seek to pervert our democracy and turn our country into some kind of dictatorship.

This must be stopped or democracy is dead in the UK and mob rule wins.

Iain Camick