A NEW educational start-up in Bolton is well-placed to help students looking to reach the nation’s top colleges and universities.

Education entrepreneur Moahsin Musa has been developing his online mentoring platform Asktutor.co.uk throughout 2019.

And now he is ready to showcase his technical innovation’s potential with a showcase at The Bolton Hub.

Mr Musa said: “This is something I’ve been working on for a number of months because I wanted to make sure the design was right.

“Unlike most tutoring platforms, Asktutor.co.uk is flexible and allows students to learn in four different pathways.

“One-to-one tutoring, group tutoring, one-to-one tutoring online and group tutoring online.

“This easy-to-use platform allows students to connect with tutors and give a complete guarantee to parents of receiving quality lessons, otherwise they will receive another free lesson with a tutor of their choice.”

The online lessons are all recorded and can then be played back for individual recaps and reconsideration.

He says that the company is also aiming to donate five per cent its profit to provide free lessons for students who qualify for the pupil premium.

Mr Musa has lined up a selection of teachers and tutors from a range of establishments, including the Russell Group of universities across a number of subjects.

These can include English, maths and science at Key Stage Two, GCSE and A-level.

The opening morning,. where the concepts and services on offer will be explained in more details are scheduled to take place at the Bold Street venue on Saturday, August 31.

Mr Musa, who comes from Bolton, is asking anyone interested in the event to book a place by texting 0795 625 3562 or by e-mailing info@asktutor.co.uk