THE Liberal Democrats have chosen their candidate to challenge Labour's Andy Burnham in May's Greater Manchester Mayoral election.

He is the leader of the party's group on Rochdale Council Andy Kelly.

The former senior youth worker and guitarist in an Irish band is standing on a platform of stopping Brexit.

Cllr Kelly said: “The Tories are playing parlour games with people’s lives and Labour are betraying those they profess to represent.

"We know it will be the working classes who will bear most of the pain. Greater Manchester voters deserve better. We need someone who is not afraid to be frank about our future.”

Cllr Kelly says if elected he will tackle Greater Manchester's homelessness crisis.

He said: "We don’t have genuine affordable living in most parts of Greater Manchester, and where we may have some, it lacks the infrastructure for people to prosper.

"People of all generations are being priced out of their own communities."