On Wednesday at full council I was met by Stand up To Racism, Trade Unionists, the Green party, Extinction Rebellion Bolton and Labour party activists.

A group of 12 people gathered outside to demand the local authority declare a climate change emergency, through out the council meeting roughly four of those who attended the public gallery would randomly shout out "shame" at the Conservatives, despite the fact that at least eight Conservative Councillors are actively involved in Environmental groups, which seemed to be lost on their political protest.

The following day after speaking to the public it has come to my attention and many others on social media that our town has seen multiple areas of vandalism with graffiti stating "Extinction Rebellion Bolton (logo)" sprayed all over our town, the same group who had been sat with Labour members in the public gallery and outside in protest.

I would like to know if Stand Up To Racism, Trade Unionists, The Green Party and The Labour party who stood should to shoulder with Extinction Rebellion Bolton outside the town hall on Wednesday, will also stand should to shoulder in support of their actions of spraying graffiti all over our town? Will Stand up To Racism, Trade Unionists, the Green party and the Labour Party now do the decent thing and go clean up the graffiti so that our local authority or volunteers do not have to spend time and money cleaning up after their friends?

Chris Banks