A SLEEPY clubber got locked in a bar and ended up hanging upside down on a fence after a failed escape attempt.

The 18-year-old man had been celebrating bank holiday with his friends in Bar 747, in Broad Street, on Sunday night.

Towards the end of the night he fell asleep on the toilet and was left inside the cubicle after the bar had locked up.

Just after 6.30am, the man woke up and left through the fire exit.

He attempted to climb over the spiked fence, between a small gap, but got his jeans caught.

His jeans ripped and he was left hanging by the spike until the fire service arrived shortly after 7am.

Steve Wilcock, watch manager at Bury Community Fire Station said that the man was fortunate he was not seriously injured and urged bars and nightclubs to carry out thorough checks before they lock up.

He said: "It's important when these places get locked up that staff are doing a sweep. We've had instances like this in the past where people have been impaled on fences.

"He was hanging upside down for quite some time asking for help. He said his groin was killing him, which doesn't surprise me. His pants were in shreds as well.

"The gap he's tried to squeeze through is a ten inch gap. It was a very dangerous pursuit.

"Fortunately for him, passers-by heard him screaming for help.

"He was a really nice lad. He didn't appear to be particularly inebriated, he was just glad to be down and on his way home.

"He should have just phoned 999 and that's what we'd suggest.

"The police ran him home because there was nobody in the taxi rank."

The Bury Times has approached Bar 747 for comment.