A MARRIED couple have complained about the "disgraceful" treatment they have received by their housing association following a flood.

Sandra Yates, 68 and her husband Alan, 69 live in Places for People-owned Manor Gardens, in Hough Fold Way, Harwood

At around 10.15pm last Tuesday (September 20) Mrs Yates noticed water coming through her kitchen ceiling from the flat above.

It flooded the kitchen and carers helped the pair evacuate the flat, before taking them to the building's communal area.

Mrs Yates said: "The plumber said he’d never seen a leak like it.

"They told us we couldn’t go back in to the flat and we were still waiting around at 4am."

After two days at a Premier Inn in Prestwich, the couple were transferred to another home owned by Places for People - Kingsbury Court Lodge, in Heaton.

Mrs Yates lamented the living conditions in the home.

She added: "We're stuck in a pokey little guest room with no cooking facilities.

"My husband is extremely poorly - he has had a stroke, has brain damage in one side, kidney failure and heart failure. I use a mobility scooter myself as well.

"This situation is doing him no favours at all, he could drop any minute and I can't just take him back to a damp, wet flat.

"No one from Places for People has phoned to see if we’re alright. They've said it’s our responsibility to put things right at Manor Court as well. They’re absolutely disgraceful."

A spokesperson from Places for People said: “Following a leak, Mr and Mrs Yates were moved to temporary accommodation with their agreement.  

"We have been in regular contact with them and we are hopeful they’ll be able to return home over the weekend. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”