IT is hard to believe that anyone alive today shares a birth year with historic events such as the launch of HMS Titanic but Winifred Burgoyne does just that.

Mrs Burgoyne is celebrating her 108th birthday today at Bakewells Care Home, in Deane.

She will be joined by her family and fellow residents for some champagne and a birthday cake provided by the owner of the home, Cllr Andy Morgan.

Karen Dean, deputy manager of the home said: “She’s quite spritely, she has a good appetite and she’s quite comical.”

In her earlier days, Mrs Burgoyne worked as a weaver in a mill from the age of 14 for 12 shillings a week.

She married her husband Ronald, who was in the RAF, after they met at a dance and she was taken by his “gorgeous uniform”.

Mrs Burgoyne gave up work to raise her daughter Lynda, and returned to work when she was 10.

Ronald passed away in 2000 and Mrs Burgoyne moved into the care home in 2015.

Mes Burgoyne’s daughter Lynda Hardy paid tribute to her.

She said: “She’s done very well. She’s still very chatty.

“She’s always loved tennis and really enjoyed watching Wimbledon this year.

“I love her to bits. The whole family do and she still has some great stories to tell

“It’s fantastic, I’m very proud of her.”

A few of Mrs Burgoyne’s family members unfortunately won’t be able to spend the day with her as they now live in Australia.

Her grand-daughter, Andrea lives in Melbourne along with Mrs Burgoyne’s two great-grandchildren, Olivia Beau, 12, and Darcey, 8.

Mrs Hardy believes they will be there in spirit.

“It’s a bit sad that Andrea and the rest of the family can’t be here but I’m sure they’ll be sending their best wishes.

“We’re going to celebrate with the residents and the staff today and then a couple of friends are going to come out for lunch with us on Saturday.”