A HEARTBROKEN mum is appealing for people to return her baby's clothes after they were mistakenly sold at a car boot sale.

Taylor White, 21, stayed at home to look after her nine-week old daughter Brooklyn while her partner went to the sale at Middlebrook, last weekend.

Her partner John Morley picked up the wrong box, which included Brooklyn's first outfit and a few other items of sentimental value.

When he returned home, Miss White was horrified to realise that the clothes had gone.

She said: "I was in tears straight away. He'd only had three hours sleep the night before so he'd picked up the wrong box by accident.

"But it had the first outfit she ever wore and a few other babygrows she wore when I was in hospital with her.

"I was hoping to eventually get them sent off and turned into a blanket as a keepsake."

Within ten hours of posting the appeal on Facebook, a fellow mum got in touch to say that she had bought Brooklyn's first outfit along with two other items.

However, Miss White is still hoping to find the rest of the items, including babygrows and vests with Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo on.

She added: "If you were at the car boot sale in Middlebrook last week and think you might have bought one of the items please get in contact. Obviously I will give you your money back.

"I'd like to say thank you to Beccy who came forward with the clothes she bought and it really shows the power of social media."

If you think you have bought any of the baby clothes, contact Taylor on 07940795683.