WATER is still brown for residents in BL1, BL2 and BL3 this morning after complaining yesterday that their tap water had become discoloured.

Residents in Darcy Lever reported that their running water had turned brown yesterday afternoon and the problem is still said to be ongoing, with the water still discoloured this morning.

United Utilities say they became aware of the issue at 12.49pm yesterday, but the incident is still active.

United Utilities says the water is "unlikely to be harmful" and is a result of a "disturbance to the water mains", but residents are avoiding the water.

One local said they are taking precautions: "I’ve used the tap water this morning to boil in the kettle for a coffee but I don’t think I'll be drinking it from the tap until it runs clear, we have a few bottles of water for cold drinks."

United Utilities stated on their website: "We’ve received a number of calls from customers in Bolton letting us know that their tap water is discoloured.

"This has happened because of a disturbance to the water mains in your area. Our pipes have naturally occurring sediments and minerals which can get disturbed from the bottom of the pipes every now and then, normally when we have carried out a repair or have replaced a section of water main."

United Utilities say that they are looking into the situation and that residents should let the cold tap run at a trickle until the water turns clear.

The company added: "We know it doesn’t look nice but don’t worry, it’s unlikely to be harmful and will settle down again with time. You can help by letting your cold water tap run at a slight trickle until your water runs clear again.

"In the meantime we’ll be keeping an eye on this to make sure your tap water returns to normal again as quickly as possible."

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