A LARGE tree has completely blocked a road in Hall i' th' Wood after it snapped in two.

The tree broke near the base and fell horizontally across Green Way at around 2.30pm.

Witnesses said that a van was damaged in the incident.

Resident Danny Roberts said: "No one injured as far as I know but the council has already been informed several times before that the tree was really weak and dangerous. It's lucky that no one has been injured.

"Someone had their van damaged though.

"It's lucky it went in the road otherwise it would have gone through the sheltered accommodation for older people."

Councillor for Crompton ward Cllr Hanif Darvesh said he had not been told about the weakness of the trees but would be discussing the issue with Bolton at Home, which owns the sheltered accommodation in the road.

He said: "I'm not personally aware of any of the resident's concerns about the trees there but one of my colleagues may know more.

"The whole of Green Way was recently resurfaced and I was not made aware of any problems then.

"I will take the matter further to Bolton at Home because they are supposed to carry out regular inspections of the trees near their homes."

A spokesman said: "The council is aware that the tree is down and it will be dealt with as soon as possible."

The Bolton News has approached Bolton at Home for comment.