A HOUSING association has apologised to two of its residents after they complained of “disgraceful” treatment.

Married couple Sandra and Alan Yates, 68 and 69, live in Places for People-owned Manor Gardens, in Hough Fold Way, Harwood.

The pair had to leave their flat last Tuesday after leak from the flat above caused a flood.

They have since been moved to what they describe as a “pokey little guest room” that is not fit for purpose at another Places for People property - Kingsbury Court Lodge.

Mrs Yates also said that it was having a negative impact on her husband’s health, as he has previously suffered a stroke, has some brain damage, heart failure and kidney failure.

She also claimed that Places for People had told the couple it was their responsibility to get the flat fixed.

A spokesman from Places for People said: “Following a leak, Mr and Mrs Yates were moved to temporary accommodation with their agreement.

“We have been in regular contact with them and we are hopeful they’ll be able to return home over the weekend.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience.”