A THIEF who tried to break into a woman's house as she slept was caught after leaving blood at the scene.

Drug addict John Tatlock fled the property in Rishton Lane, Great Lever, leaving a crowbar stuck in the ground floor window, Bolton Crown Court heard.

The Honorary Recorder of Bolton, Martin Walsh sentenced 47-year-old Tatlock to six months in prison in addition to a two year sentence he is currently serving for another burglary.

Duncan Wilcock, prosecuting, to the court how the 57-year-old victim went to bed in the early hours of September 13 last year.

But when she awoke at midday she saw a table in her garden had been moved.

"She also noticed a crowbar sticking out of a ground floor rear window, with the uPVC surround snapping," said Mr Wilcock.

Forensic tests on blood found on the windowsill revealed it belonged to Tatlock, who has a lengthy criminal record for theft.

In a statement the victim, who lives alone, said that she no longer feels safe in her home and is considering moving.

""Wherever I come home from work or come downstairs I can feel m y heart racing in fear that somebody is trying to break in again," she stated.

Tatlock, of Malcolm Davies Drive, Telford, refused to comment when arrested for the offence but subsequently pleaded guilty to attempted


Alison Whalley, defending, said heroin addict Tatlock is now hoping to become drug free in prison and, when released, plans to get work in railway maintenance.

Judge Walsh told Tatlock: "It is to be hoped, by the time you leave custody, you will at least be drug free."