TRAGIC Maggie Smythe’s mother Susan, told Bolton Crown Court of the terrible effect her killing has had on her family and the lack of peace they still have as her head and arm remain missing. These are her words about Taylor and Ottley, which were read out in court.

THE last seven months of our life have been a living hell. We have lost a daughter and sister in the most horrendous circumstances imaginable. I have no other words to describe them other than animals.

They have continued to tell lies throughout and have done everything possible to discredit us as a family.

They have put us through the trauma of a trial and having to listen to what they have done to my daughter. Throughout all this we still don’t have all the answers to so many questions and more importantly, we don’t have all of Maggie back.

The fact that they have taken Maggie away from us is bad enough, but her missing her head and body parts has meant I couldn’t even go to view my daughter.

There is no closure for this for us as a family until all of Maggie has been found.

No one can understand what we are going through daily, knowing that my daughter’s head and arm are still out there somewhere.

Her not being here has left a hole in my life. I visit the bus station still waiting for Maggie to come out of work to have a brew and a cigarette with me.

Three children have been lost a mother and a niece has lost her Auntie.

They have taken everything from us and the only thing we have left is memories. They will never be able to take those away.

Maggie had a long life ahead of her. She would do anything for anyone and she’d give you her last pound if you needed it.

She had her faults as does everyone. But she did not deserve this. An animal would not deserve what she was put through at the hands of those two.

She was bright and bubbly and my best friend. In fact she wasn’t just family to us all, she was our friend, so we feel like we have been robbed twice over.

To see them convicted offered some closure, however, their reaction to me and my family as they left the dock was utterly disgusting.

They gesticulated towards us, had no respect whatsoever and did not show one ounce of remorse to us or the police.

They tried to fool everyone but their reaction just shows what scum they are and that they knew their game was over.

I now no longer sleep at night without her here. We all still expect her to walk through the door as the bubbly, loveable Maggie we all know and love.

This has completely changed our lives forever and something we will never get over. They have taken the one thing away from me that hurts the most, one of my children.

I will never get over this, my heart hurts and I cry in my room trying to cope.

This hurt is a pain that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Those two monsters deserve everything they get and I will never forgive them for what they have done.