A JUDGE has commended police for the way they painstakingly put together the complex case against murderer Christopher Taylor and his brother Brian Ottley.

Speaking after sentencing the pair, Judge Martin Walsh said: “We are all quick to criticise when things go wrong but slow to commend work well done.

“During the course of the trial I had the opportunity, together with the jury, to consider the evidence which had been meticulously and painstakingly gathered by the investigative team.”

He added:”This was a harrowing investigation.

“It is clear to me that the successful outcome to this investigation is the result of a committed effort by a skilled and motivated team of individuals, all of whom played their part to the full.

“The public owe a debt of appreciation and gratitude to the whole team.”

Although Maggie’s killer has now been jailed, police are continuing their investigation to try and find Maggie Smythe’s missing remains.