A ONE-BEDROOM house in Deane is to be transformed into a beauty salon offering laser hair removal and other treatments.

A change of use application for 327 Deane Road has been approved by Bolton Council.

The application was submitted by Mohammad Iqbal, who owns and runs barbershop Unique Barber, which is already established on the road.

Along with the change of use, a two-storey extension will be built to allow Mr Iqbal's family to live above the new salon.

Mr Iqbal said: "We want to open a beauty salon with laser treatments because we have the qualifications for that.

"The existing property is not big enough so we need to make it bigger. Half will be the salon and half will be a family home."

According to proposals, the salon will feature a reception area and three specialist treatment rooms.

The living area and kitchen of the house will also remain on the ground floor.

The first floor will be a family home with three bedrooms, a bathroom, a playroom, a study, and storage area.

A new shop front will be created at the corner of Deane road and Bankfield Street for the salon and the existing front door to the residential house will remain.

According to the application, the salon will be open between 9am and 8pm every day. It is also set to create four jobs - two part time and two full time, although Mr Iqbal admits this is yet to be totally decided.

He added: "It's a family business at the moment and I have got the qualifications but I'll definitely need to hire more people once it opens.

"I don't know how long it will take to get it built and opened yet though, it's still early days."

In the design and access statement, Sohail Musa from SMS Architecture wrote: "The owner has high aspirations to create a state of the art therapy facility in a suitable location as well creating a home for his family next to his business.

"He has spent his whole life serving the community by offering various treatments at his current location. This location is now too small for a growing family. The proposal has also move forward as a result of the demand for this type of therapy treatment from his existing customer base."

Planning officers from Bolton Council approved the proposals with a number of conditions including building a fence or wall to the back of the building to preserve residents' privacy.

No objections were received and the owner of the house next door sent two letters to the council in support of the plans.

Mr Iqbal said: "I'm so happy to get approval because it will be good for my family and my business."