IT was back to life as normal this week for a Westhoughton quizzer despite walking away with a quarter of a million pounds on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Taking to social media, Julian Aldridge kept his celebrations low-key after his amazing win aired on Sunday night.

Despite his huge windfall, the brainy 36-year-old had thoughts on more mundane matters as thousands tuned in to the ITV quiz show.

Writing on Facebook, he said: "Thanks everyone for your kind messages and support. Now I’m off to put the bins out."

The brainy 36-year-old from Daisy Hill could have walked away with a cool half a million pounds - correctly answering the £500,000 question - but after he'd already decided to quit while he was ahead.

Julian is something of a quiz show veteran - previously winning £15,000 on The Code and appearing on Mastermind, The Chase, Brain of Britain, Fifteen to One and Revenge of the Egghead.

On Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the father of two took to the hotseat after completing preliminary round 'Fastest Finger First' in an impressive 2.95 seconds.

With his wife, mum and sister-in-law watching on from the studio audience, the geologist got to the first 'safety net' of £1,000 with relative ease. Mr Aldridge told host Jeremy Clarkson that he was hoping to get at least £64,000 but joked that his wife would decide what any winnings would be spent on.

He said: "I've no idea, I'm sure the wife's got a list already.

"I've got two daughters and £64,000 would pay about half towards one of them going through university with how expensive it is at the moment."

By the time he reached the £250,000 question, Mr Aldridge had used all of his lifelines but knew the answer due to studying Evolution at university. Mr Aldridge decided that the £500,000 question was too much of a risk though and said: "I think I will take the money, say thank you very much and call it a night." However when Jeremy Clarkson asked him what he would have gone for, he gave the correct answer.

The host said: "I'm just in awe of you. I'm in awe of your knowledge. You deserve every penny of it. I hope you enjoy it. What a contender. What a player. What a winner."