THE BBC's DIY SOS team has renewed its call for helpers for its latest project down the road in Blackburn, which is currently being filmed for this year's Children in Need.

The focus of the show is the conversion of St Silas, a rundown Blackburn church hall now used by local charity Nightsafe to house homeless people. Presenter Nick Knowles and his team, including interior designer Gabrielle Blackman, are now on site. And while they have had more than 70 volunteers turn up to help, the size and scale of the project means they require as many as 180 tradespeople, including plumbers, carpenters and decorators to offer their support. The team especially requires plasterers from around the area this weekend.

Mark Millar, build manager for DIY SOS, said: "It's an enormous challenge. We normally do a Big Build, but this is a Super Build. If you know anybody out there - joiners, carpenters, plasterers - we need to get you on board. The one's we've got here are working at full capacity so we need your help."

The project runs until Thursday. Email