POLICE have cordoned off a street in Bolton ­— with residents reporting hearing gunshots in the area.

Part of Hilden Street, near to the town centre, has been taped off with police officers at the scene.

Residents fear that a gun has been fired on the street.

One resident said: "My parents heard something that at first they thought it was fireworks, but it didn't sound quite like a firework.

"I have heard a few shots were fired but I wasn't to see the police here. This is a quiet residential street where everyone knows everyone else."

Police have been on the scene since around 6.30pm.

A police presence was stepped up in The Haulgh recently following a targeted car bomb attack in Back Castle Street.

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"The police seem to have moved out, " said another resident, "It is worrying that something like this could happen here because there are children on this street."

One neighbour said: "We have heard there has been a shooting, but you don't know. We came back from work to see the police in the street."

Other residents expressed concern that part of their street had been closed off.

No one from Greater Manchester Police was available for comment.