A FEARFUL pub owner is pleading with the council to install CCTV in Farnworth town centre, following a spate of incidents.

Harrison Clayton, landlord of The Market Hotel, in Brackley Street, has expressed concerns over the lack of security measures in the street, despite the high number of crimes being reported.

Last Friday, bar staff at the pub called police after seeing two men in the street. One of the men appeared to be carrying a machete and the other was said to be holding something that looked like a gun.

In the first six months of 2019, 46 crimes in Brackley Street were reported to Greater Manchester Police, according to the crime maps feature on the official GMP website.

In recent months, The Bolton News reported on Heron Foods being ram raided and a mugger being stopped by a have-a-go hero but Mr Clayton can name at least four other incidents which he considers high profile.

He said: "Brackley Street is becoming more and more vulnerable and dangerous, it’s like a city centre but with the absence of police.

"This year alone the chippy has been robbed, there was a break in at a shop on the corner, Savers was raided by a gang, and two weekends ago there was an attempted attack at the pub, where they actually left their crow bar behind.

"I want to urgently make a plea to the council to have a monitored CCTV unit on Brackley Street. It’ll be a huge step in prevention and protect the businesses.

"As a business owner, I’m extremely fearful for the safety of my business and my staff. It’s evidently very dangerous and something needs to happen now - I think a monitored CCTV unit is the way forward."

Farnworth and Kearsley First councillor Paul Sanders said he will talk with the relevant parties to try and get some action taken.

He said: "We all share the concerns of businesses in our town centre and will continue to liaise with the Police, the Council and businesses to investigate what further security steps may be taken by businesses. CCTV provision in Farnworth town centre will also be raised."