A COUPLE of great grandparents are showing what true devotion and care can achieve after 60 years of happy marriage.

Brian and Winifred Thistlethwaite met at the Palais in May 1958 and were to tie the knot after a whirlwind romance 12 months later.

However, tragedy struck when Winifred's mother was diagnosed with a brain haemorrhage.

The wedding was postponed until September when the two eventually married at St Chad's, Tonge Moor.

Since then, the two have had a long and successful marriage, having four children; Karen, Peter, Paul and Debbie along with nine more grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

They say the highlight of their marriage has been raising their children, often taking them to their chalet in Jacob’s Creek in Arnside.

Their daughter Karen Walton said: “They are, loving, caring, helpful, hard working, they have been the best,” and added: “Dad is amazing and does everything for mum and mum is so brave and I can honestly say, as hard as it has ever been or however much pain mum has been in, I have never heard them grumbling or moaning.”

Winifred worked on as a district nurse until MS forced her into retirement in 1981.

Brian served in the Territorial Army in his spare time while working as a decorator with William Ayton decorators, later retiring and starting with own painting business with a friend.

The two continue to live on an estate in Astley Bridge where Brian recently had a hoist installed to help Winifred into bed after his arthritis prevented him from being able to lift her.

His children continue to be amazed by Brian’s heartwarming dedication to her round-the-clock care and staying late at night and returning early in the morning during Winifred’s hospital stays.

Even during Brian’s stay in hospital, he gave all his children strict instructions on how to take care of Winifred.

They marked their diamond wedding anniversary at the weekend.