A TOWN centre coffee shop is teaming up to help mums met up and make new friends and enjoy a drink together.

Costa Coffee is partnering with Mush, the UK’s leading social network app for mums, as part of a 12 week trial which will run at their Bridgeman Street outlet.

Mums will be able to use the app to contact other mums in the area and bring their children along for meet-ups at the coffee shop. There they will be able to use promo codes and use tables set aside for them.

Steven Smith, manager at Costa Coffee in Bridgman Street, said: “This partnership is exciting because it brings a community of mums together and this is a way for them to bring their kids along as well to an environment they will surely enjoy.”

To find out when and where sessions are taking place and get involved with the trial, which is set to launch on September 16, all mums have to do is download the Mush app.

Victoria Moorhouse, head of sustainability at Costa Coffee, said the company is “really pleased” with the partnership and hopes it will help to bring mums together from across the region.