PEOPLE gathered tonight united in grief as Radcliffe mourns the death of 11-month-old Zakari William Bennett-Eko.

Trewan Sands Children's Trust along with The Bridge Tavern held a memorial this evening near to where the poignant tributes have been laid in memory of the baby, who died on Wednesday.

The Bolton News:

Many carrying their own floral tributes stood on the bridge, some with their families, some on their own and young friends also formed part of the gathering as they shared their grief and shock at the events which have unfolded in the last 24-hours.

At one point they broke into a spontaneous applause to honour Zakari, and spent time reading the many tributes to him.

From a few floral tributes laid in memory of Zakari late last night, flowers, toys and candles now cover the bridge on Blackburn Street, with more being placed at the gathering.

Louise Dawson from Trewan Sands Children's Trust, said: "I regularly organise charity events on the piazza and when I heard about what had happened I felt as if I had to do something to bring people together.

"People are grieving."

The Bolton News:

Many people, including some children, donated money which will be used to create a lasting memorial to Zakari.

Louise said: "We may plant a tree or install a bench, but we will do something in Kenyon Community Gardens."

Jacqueline Farquar, who also attended, said: "Radcliffe is a close knit community, people know each other and everyone is very upset."