A DOG has died and another was taken seriously ill after their owners said they ate cannabis left on a footpath.

Kai Collins, from Darwen, said his auntie’s dog, Charlie, died last week after he became ill from eating cannabis left on a path during a walk near Whitehall Park.

His dog, Yogi, a rottweiler-bull mastiff cross, also became ill after a walk a few days later, but managed to make a full recovery.

Mr Collins said the buds and leaves Yogi ingested both looked and smelled like cannabis.

Mr Collins said: “I was walking Yogi on Thursday at about 5pm near Whitehall Park in Darwen.

“As you walk up to the park there’s a long footpath that leads up to the top near the pond, and there’s a wall off to the left of it.

“I could smell cannabis from the footpath, but didn’t think anything of it. There’s a little wall that any kind of dog could jump over.

“The dog jumped over the wall and then I jumped over after him and then I saw him with something in his mouth.

“I knew it was weed, and by that time it was too late to stop him eating it.

“He didn’t have a lot, but when I got him home he was constantly weeing himself and he couldn’t stand up for more than a few seconds without collapsing.

“My auntie’s dog began shaking and hiccuping and then he died, and she told me to look out for those symptoms with Yogi but luckily he didn’t get them.

“Charlie was 12, so quite old, but it must’ve put his body into shock.

“If Yogi had been smaller I reckon it could’ve been fatal for him too.”

Mr Collins is warning anyone in Whitehall to be careful with their dogs around the pond area.

He said: “It was in such an open place as well, anyone could’ve gone past it and picked something up, even kids.

“It’s stupid for someone to stash their weed there.”

Whitehall ward councillor John East said: “This is a terrible incident. If anyone is walking their dogs in the cemetery they should keep them on a lead at all times.

“If they’re in the park they should keep an eye on their dogs and be aware of any strange foliage and be very vigilant. If they do see anything strange, report it to the cemetery office.”