We’ve had nothing but a scandalous wall of silence. Nothing from Cllr Baines who is blaming serious demand pressures in the NHS on vulnerable patients.

“I want a baby, I want to change my gender, I want bigger boobs, I want to look different,” was the complaint levelled at the public because of NHS demand problems that was raised by cabinet member Cllr Baines at the recent full council meeting.

We are wondering if this is a remnant of the nasty party? Labour has no truck with picking on people and their sensitive health issues. The decisions that are made in areas such as IVF, gender reassignment and body or facial surgery are made by clinicians after all relevant medical issues, including mental wellbeing have been explored.

It is not for Cllr Baines to decide who is worthy of medical treatment and who is not, based upon her own lack of understanding or prejudices.

Apologise! An apology for the choice of words would be a very good thing indeed, along with further details from the Conservative Cabinet to assure us that they have a better grasp of the major demands and major pressures in today’s NHS.

The Council has a major role in health and social care so we are right to hold the Conservatives to account on this.”

Cllr Sue Haworth