The people of Britain need to know the truth about the Domestic Abuse Bill, and how Westminster is keeping secrets from the public.

Originally, the advocates of the Bill wanted a clause on the de-criminalization of abortion, but this was voted out.

Unfortunately, the British Parliament then imposed a Northern Ireland Executive Bill that if Stormont cannot reconvene in time (October 22) legalises abortion up until seven months term and enables mass abortion up until full term.

The medics will be life and death law-makers and this is not fair on them either.

This Bill being proposed here in England and Wales fudges the definition of abuse so that a pregnancy up until nine months could be considered coercive control and given there are the same MPs on both Bills it does not require a forensic mind to work out where all this is going.

It would be monstrous to let the people of Bolton, or anywhere, support this Bill without knowing the facts about it.

Ruth Firmin