A LOCAL MP is urging voters to brace for a general election in Decmeber.

Bolton West MP Chris Green says an election is coming sooner than expected and says early December is most likely.

With Brexit discussions heating up at the October 31st deadline for leaving the European Union approaches, Mr Green is anticipating that, whatever the outcome of the discussions, a general election will be announced for December.

The MP said that, at this stage, leaving the European Union with a deal on October 31 is as likely as the Supreme Court handing down an extension to the Brexit process. But at a public meeting in Westhoughton on Tuesday, Mr Green said the opposition could not let Prime Minister Boris Johnson continue without a general election after the deadline date.

Mr Green said: "One of the advantages that the opposition parties think they have is that if there is an extension and the date is breached, they hope the Brexit Party will come into play and can split the pro-Brexit vote."

A deal still could be delivered, according to the MP. He said: "Over the last three years, some of the best civil servants in the in the UK and the EU have gone over the issues that need to be addressed. We have got the talent there to get a deal quickly and then it's about having a two year long term deal."

Although Mr Green would not yet speculate on the outcome of the general election, he said that this time it could be crucial for the future of the country.

He said: "Every election I have been in has been said to be the most important in a generation. I think this one has more right to that claim than previous years."