RESIDENTS fearing ‘someone will be killed’ are pleading with the council to install safety measures in a narrow road being used as a shortcut.

Oldhams Estate residents say their children’s safety is at risk because of cars clashing in Selkirk Road.

The road lined with houses is used by drivers to cut through between Moss Bank Way and Belmont Road, and the heavy traffic from both directions is putting pedestrians in danger, say those campaigning for new safety measures to be introduced.

Resident Joanne Khelifi said: “There’s cars parked on one side of the street so only one car can go down, you can’t have two.

“There are arguments in the street in front of children between people cutting through because they can’t get past each.”

The street car parking means that congestion is even more dangerous.

Ms Khelifi added: “Children have to go in between two parked cars to cross the road, they can’t see any cars coming.

“My grandson nearly got knocked down by a van this week because he could not see into the road. I’m not having my grandchildren getting hit by a car.”

The issue was raised on Wednesday night at the Astley Bridge Area Forum, with a number of residents voicing their frustrations to councillors John Walsh and Paul Wild.

The group has suggested making the road one-way, but Cllr Walsh said that option would only encourage traffic to go faster in the knowledge that no cars would be coming the other way.

Instead, the councillors resolved to arrange a meeting with residents to look at what can be done to ease traffic on the street by other means. Those on the street say they feel that action is not being taken quickly enough after their numerous complaints.

Ms Khelifi said: “A child should not have to get knocked over or killed before something is done about it. It’s just ridiculous, we are banging our head against a brick wall.

“I have no hope at all that anything will be done, it’s an accident waiting to happen.

“It’s the amount of traffic that is cutting through — that’s what we want to stop so the children are safe crossing the road and playing out.

“A one-way system is the only way that can be done.”