A PROPERTY developer has been told to his plans for 12 studio flats in the town centre are not good enough.

An application to demolish the old warehouse in Bark Street East has been deferred by the planning committee.

Councillors told applicant Faisal Iqbal that the flats should have more internal space which could mean building fewer apartments.

Mr Iqbal said the flats do meet national standards of 39 square metres for one person, although he admitted that there would not be much amenity space for the tenants, saying that its central location in the town would make up for this.

He said: “It’s a completely derelict building. It has been for a number of years. I think it’s going to add a lot to Bolton town centre. It’s going to be a massive improvement of where it is.”

The development manager told the committee that the plan is to rent the apartments to single young professionals looking for town centre accommodation.

However, councillors raised concerns that the landowner would not be able to monitor how many people are living in the studio apartments.

Mr Iqbal said that the tenancy agreements would specify that only one person could live in each unit, but councillors insisted that the flats should be larger in case more than one person lives in them.

Cllr Anna-Marie Watters asked the applicant whether he could increase the size of the flats. Mr Iqbal said that this would mean reducing the number of units.

He said: “From an investment point of view, it would be difficult.”

The committee voted to defer the application, asking the applicant to come back a better design.

The next planning committee meeting takes place on October 17.