A THREE-STOREY apartment block could be built on some empty land next to Farnworth Park.

A planning application has been submitted by Blackburn-based company Hurle Homes Limited to build on the land to the back of the Shell garage in Albert Road and the terraced houses in Wellington Street.

If approved, a three-storey apartment building with 17 one bedroom flats would be built.

According to the proposals, each flat would have a bedroom, bathroom, and combined kitchen, dining area and living area. There would also be external car parking for 15 cars.

In a design and access statement, Gary Willis from planning agent Aldrock described the flats as entry-level in terms of price and suggested they would have a positive impact on the area.

He said: "The proposal is considered a vast improvement over the current appearance and use of the site. It is an efficient use of a brownfield site.

"It will provide apartments at an entry level price in the area which will appeal to first time buyers.

"Once completed, the apartments will also benefit Farnworth Central Park by providing an attractive building as a backdrop, rather than the current dilapidated site."

The site was previously used as a foundry but has been disused for a number of years since it was demolished.

Mr Willis added: "Low impact parking has been positioned to minimise the impact on the park, with the main building form positioned in a way to minimise the impact on neighbouring building and the park.