Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Bolton West, Julie Hilling, spoke at Labour’s annual conference in Brighton on Sunday to stress the importance of a Labour government for the people of Bolton.

Ms Hilling focused on current Conservative MP, Chris Green, claiming that “since 2015, we’ve had a Tory MP who tells local people one thing and then goes to Parliament and votes against them”.

She said Mr Green had told “his constituents that he will fight against fracking but then voted for it”, and told “local Women Against State Pension Inequality he would support them but didn’t vote for proposals to ease their situation”, and blamed “the council for cuts in police and social care…even though he has voted for every single cut to public services”.

Ms Hilling said: “How can we be the fifth richest country in the world but have more and more people sleeping on our streets? The fifth richest country in the world but where people work all week and then have to go to foodbanks?"

“The 5th richest country but where disabled children can’t go to school because of the lack of funding, where class sizes are going up and where teachers are having to buy basic resources out of their own pockets.”

She concluded her speech by saying, “It’s wrong. A Labour Government will be for the many not the few, and will transform lives and our communities, but we have to win seats like Bolton West and with your help and support I will win.”