A MANAGER at a healthcare company repeatedly sexually assaulted a young care worker on his team, a jury heard

Bolton Crown Court was told how the married man, who was a team leader, had given the woman a job in 2017.

But in subsequent months he would grab her breasts and buttocks, put his hands on her leg and told her: "Just let me have a feel. You need to keep your boss happy."

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, denies six counts of sexual assault.

At the start of the trial Anya Horwood, prosecuting, told the jury how the woman told her boyfriend of her boss's behaviour but was initially afraid to make a formal complaint in case she lost her job.

"When she began her employment she thoroughly enjoyed the work," said Miss Horwood. "She found him to be a father-like figure who was friendly and supportive."

"But that positive view of him became tarnished because he began to behave towards her in a sexually inappropriate way."

The court heard how the man turned off the lights in a room and tried to kiss her and then he would try and turn conversations around to sexual matters. He quizzed her about her underwear and asked if she would cheat on her boyfriend.

"He also suggested, when his wife wasn't there, that she might like to contact him and they could have telephone sex," said Miss Horwood, who added the woman did not welcome such behaviour.

"He suggested to her, on occasion, that she had only been employed because of him — that she had interviewed badly but she was pretty," said Miss Horwood.

The court heard that when the man wanted to get a takeaway for staff he insisted she go with him and, while in the car, he ran his hand up her leg to her crotch area. When she said "no" he told her: "Just let me have a feel, what are you being like that for? You need to keep your boss happy."

The woman eventually made an official complaint in April last year and police were contacted. The trial continues.