Very disappointed with the decision to sell and disgusted by the cynical and dishonest political manipulation that has been evident at every stage.

From the very start in 2011 when this land was proposed for inclusion in the Allocations Plan, in 2014 when it was included in the adopted Plan, when in January 2019 when the decision to sell was made, every stage sailed through without a peep from Labour or Lib Dems.

Change of administration following May elections and suddenly everyone loves Horwich and wants to be our new best friends. Land disposal is 'called in' by Lib Dems. Labour do a full 180 degree turn and no longer support their own previous decisions.

Planning decision was an absolute farce. Never before have Labour refused an application that was on Allocated land, en masse they did so with the full knowledge it would be appealed and the appeal would succeed.

Finally we get to the decision to sell. Horwich and Blackrod First Independents do not agree but we cannot stop it. However a further decision to provide £100k from the capital receipt of sale, which could be used to improve the few remaining sporting facilities, is 'called in' by Lib Dems.

What could this mean? The £100k could set a precedent which Bolton Council could not afford? The only conclusion I can draw is the £100k may not happen. Net result Horwich gets more housing on yet another playing field and no money to improve any others.

Hypocrisy at its very best.

Cllr Marie Marie