WHAT right has RNLI chief executive Mark Dowie got to give away our voluntary money to other countries?

If he wants to give away money so badly to other countries, I say give your own money out of your £189,000 per annum salary, but personally I think he won’t.

The donations should be given to the lifeboat crews who risk their lives saving others.

There is far too much money being given away from charities and no one seems to oversee these matters.

If money is to be given away it should be given to the poor people in our own country, where it can be closely monitored.

There are people in the UK who can’t afford meals or make ends meet — at least we could monitor where it is going. At the moment no one can monitor these generous donations. Certainly most people who donate to these charities are not aware of where the money is going.

It should be published where money is going before it is sent to anyone. This should be nipped in the bud.

W H Collison