Hundreds of speeding drivers in Tonge have been seen by volunteers.

The community Speedwatch group has been monitoring the 20mph area on Ainsworth Lane, close to Moorgate Primary School.

In just one 50 minute patrol, the group saw more than 150 people travelling over 26mph.

The scheme was started in November by the Neighbourhood Watch group chairman, Dave Edmondson.

When residents were asked about their biggest concerns in the area speeding was the top result by far.

He said: "It's about educating people. I'm convinced that people don't know many of these roads are 20s.

"What we want to do is make them aware that there are children crossing the road, and that it's a 20 for a reason.

"In the past the police have been there but it's very labour intensive so we know they can't do that anymore."

National speed rules allow drivers to be 10% + 2 over the speed limit, 24mph in this zone.

The Tonge Fold Community Speedwatch doesn't count anyone as a speeder until they are at 26mph or above.

Mr Edmondson said: "We're giving people an extra 2mph leeway and lots of people are still going over.

"Sadly a lot of the people doing this are picking up children from school."

The group uses a hand-held camera to measure the speed of a vehicle, displays the speed on a bluetooth screen that the driver can see.

Most of the volunteers are already part of the Neighbourhood Watch group in Tonge Fold, but anyone is welcome to join.

Community Speedwatch is a national scheme that lets communities monitor speeding in their area.

Drivers spotted over the limit are referred to the Police, and repeat offenders will normally be prosecuted.

Volunteers are trained by the organisation and supported by neighbourhood policing teams.

During the last year, almost 80,000 incidents were logged on the national system, with over 50,000 warning letters sent to offenders by police.

Groups across the country have spotted over 1,600 vehicles with no tax, and another 1,600 driving without an MOT. All untaxed vehicles have been reported to the DVLA.

Anyone interested in joining the group should email Dave Edmondson at