In response to Cllr Brady's letter over the Pickups Field farce, it has in my opinion shown that the main parties in Bolton borough simply do not care about the views of Horwich people.

It is a fact that the previous Labour led administration allocated Pickups for housing, they must take a large proportion of the blame for the loss of yet another Playing Field (coming shortly after the loss of two more fields at Chorley New Road School and Horwich College).

Where were the protests by then borough councillors in 2011 when Pickups was mooted for inclusion in the allocations, or in 2014 when this land was allocated, or indeed at any point up until January 2019 when Labour set the wheels in motion to sell?

Fast forward to May 2019 and a landslide in Horwich which saw Labour lose both borough council seats up on Bolton Council (Horwich NE and Horwich & Blackrod), and EVERY Horwich Town Council seat they held, they (Labour) now appear to be against the sale and planning application, even though Pickups is only at risk of both because the last Labour administration allocated the land. For that they must take responsibility!

However, the buck must stop with Cllr Martyn Cox and his Conservatives, regardless of what went before, it is ultimately he who is responsible for the sale and it was him alone who authorised the sale, ignoring 456 strong objections, and a united Horwich Town Council.

Just as the previous administration constantly ignored the views of Horwich people over the Loco Works, Leisure Centre fiasco, the College Field and on so many other occasions, too many to name, so too does this new regime, which in my opinion simply starts where the last one ended.

To offload when the land is currently under an asset of community value application is to suppress the wishes of Horwich people to keep this playing field. For me, selling any part of Pickups to anybody (except maybe to Horwich Council) is unforgivable!

The proposal to give £100,000 from the sale of the land to Horwich people is only as a result of such a strong campaign by residents, however the Lib Dems calling this decision in now risks that, potentially meaning Horwich will lose its field and will have nothing to compensate. Which Horwich asset is next at risk?

Labour will blame the Conservatives. Conservatives will blame Labour. The truth is they are both at fault . . . two sides of the same coin. Now the Lib Dem action to call in, however well intentioned, could risk £100k being spent directly in improving the remaining playing fields in Horwich.

The allocation of this land is why I decided to stand for Town Council in 2015, I was elected then and then subsequently re-elected this summer, in a campaign largely built on a promise to protect our green spaces and playing fields, especially Pickups, which is in the heart of Lever Park.

Cllr Cox's sale means I can no longer personally support his administration. It is also clear Horwich needs to leave this borough to get fair treatment!

Cllr Steven Chadwick

Lever Park